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How to use the report to advocate for PE across Colorado

Improving the quality and quantity of physical education across the state and ensuring school districts and schools have the resources to provide adequate instruction resources and facilities will require ongoing efforts to move PE higher on the educational priority list. Here are a few tips about how you can use the report to advocate for PE for all Colorado!

  1. Share the report on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can find resources to do this at
  2. Encourage your school to share the report on its digital platforms including social media and its website.
  3. Share the report with your school and district leadership including your principal and superintendent.
  4. Share the report with your elected school board.
  5. Consider reaching out to your community newspaper to submit an opinion piece raising the importance of physical education in the overall education of students.
  6. Share the report with your elected state representative or state senator. You can find our elected officials at
  7.  Share the report with your email list.